awesme bat speed drills

In today’s blog post, I am sharing some awesome bat speed drill ideas that you can incorporate into your next practice!   You will need multiple bats and balls for these bat speed drill run-throughs.

Bat Speed Drill 1: Standing Bat Drill

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: Here you’ll need two regular baseball bats.

Execution: Place one of the bats down in the middle of the plate, with the knob up in the air and the tip down on the ground. Now get into stance, holding your bat, and swing as fast as you can, to see if the wind created by your bat swing can knock over the standing bat. Give it 10 reps for one set and then give it a break.

Coaching Tips: Be careful! You don’t want to swing to close to the bat and connect with the knob. If you’re having trouble getting the bat to fall – don’t worry about it, most of the time it’s not going to happen, but the drill is very effective because it makes for a great bat speed goal.


Bat Speed Drill 2: Power Pack

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: You need three kinds of bat. Your standard bat, a heavy bat, and a light bat.

Execution: To start off you’ll use your heavy bat, and knock off five swings with that one. Next, you switch to the light bat, and execute five more swings. Then, to finish the drill off, you’ll do five more swings with your regular bat.

Coaching Tips: You can do this as either a soft toss drill, or even just with dry swings. Regardless of how you do the drill, make sure that you’re focusing with all three bats on swinging as fast as you possibly can.


Bat Speed Drill 3: Self Serve Power Drill

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: Here all you’ll need is a couple baseballs and a bat.

Execution: For this drill get simply get into batting stance with a ball in one hand and a bat in the other. Now toss the ball in the air up into your strike zone, and swing away, focusing on speed and power, imagining hitting the ball deep into center field.

Coaching Tips: Try switching up your toss hand. Most people are more comfortable tossing with the back hand, which is the exact reason why you should try throwing it with the other.


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