In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a great hitting drill called the “3 Ball Front Toss Drill”.

3 Ball Front Toss Hitting Drill

3 baseballs are placed on the ground in front of home plate. Each ball represents where a hitter should contact pitches thrown in different locations – the outside, middle or inside. This drill will work on pitches in all three of these locations. By using these reference points, the hitter can tell if he is hitting that particular pitch in the right position.

Inside Pitch

  • Start with pitches on the inside part of the plate
  • Focus on proper swing sequence
  • Inside pitches require a strong hip turn to get the hands inside the ball

Pitch Down The Middle

  • Hit the ball off the front edge of the plate and drive it down the middle
  • Hitter allows the ball to get deeper for a pitch down the middle

Outside Pitch

  • Try to drive the outside pitch to the opposite field
  • Outside pitch requires hitter to let the ball get deeper in the zone

Complete 2 sets of 9 reps (3 pitches from each location)


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