Practices throwing and baserunning in a fun, game-like situation.

Drill Setup

  • Split your players into two teams.
  • The offensive team lines up behind home plate.
  • The defensive team lines up behind third base with one player covering second base.
  • Place three balls along the third base line, evenly spaced between third base and home.
3 Ball Throw Baseball Fielding Drill
Players compete to see who can make the longest throw

How it Works

  1. The first player on the offensive team steps into the batters box with a helmet but no bat.
  2. On the coach’s whistle, the offensive player sprints to first base and rounds to second.
  3. The first player in the third base line sprints to the first ball on the third baseline, picks it up barehand and makes an accurate throw to second. She the proceeds to the second ball and throws to second. Then finally the third ball and throws to second.
  4. The goal of the baserunner is to make it to second base before al three throws are completed.
  5. If the baserunner beats the third throw, the offensive team gets a point. If the third throw beats the baserunner, the defensive team gets a point.
  6. After throwing, the fielder will rotate to play second base while the second baseman rotates to the back of the throwing line. After each fielder has played both positions, rotate the teams and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Have the second baseman tag the sliding baserunner in order to make an out.
  • Make it easier: For younger players, you can move the three balls closer to second base for a shorter throw. Or use two balls instead of three.