Ball drops are a great way to work on your agility and quickness.   You’ll need a partner and a ball to do this drill, and basically, the person doing the explosive running is trying to get to the ball before it bounces twice.   You’ll want to adjust the distance you work according to your athlete’s skill and ability. You don’t want to make it too easy, but you also don’t make it too difficult.

Forward Ball Drops

A big focus of this drill is making sure there is no false step. Everything should be positive and going forward. Don’t take that negative or backward step. Jump and explode into a full sprint.

Crossover Ball Drops

Start from a lateral position to do crossover ball drops. When the ball drops, cross over, explode into a sprint, and catch the ball before it bounces twice. Make sure you work each direction to balance up your skill and ability.

Backward Ball Drops

This drill works off a verbal command. The partner with the ball says “ball” and drops it at the same time.   The player has to pivot and open the hip as they go backward. Be sure to work the right and left sides equally.

We want to do sets of three to five each direction. Do forward ball drops, crossovers each direction, and backward.

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