Drill Type

Speed & Agility Conditioning Drill


This conditioning drill set is a great athletic skill and quickness builder that will result in better base running and defense.


  1. Two foot jumps – Pull the toes up toward the shins and spring off the ground. Don’t stab the ground with the toes. Keep the core tight and stable. Suck in the belly button and tuck in the back.
  2. One foot hops – Develops balance in each side of the body.
  3. Running rhythm while jumping rope – Pull the knee up, heel up, toe up as you run in place. Get the synchronization of the arms and the feet to work together. Pull that knee up, heel up, and toe up as you step down to the ground with greater force and power.
  4. Skipping – This forces the rhythmic action of the arms and the legs to work together. It sends messages from the brain to the muscles at a faster rate of speed and is great for teaching quickness. You have to step down to the ground with the toe pulled up toward the shin. This keeps the ankle cocked and loaded, ready to explode off the ground.
  5. Increase the speed and go back to two foot jumps and add fast feet – Pop off the ground as quick as you can.
  6. Single-leg hops as fast you can go – Pull the toe up and bounce as fast as you can. Balance up by using each leg equal number of repetitions.
  7. Add the speed to the run – Focus on getting a more rhythmic, faster rhythm as you run jumping rope. This teaches the arms and the legs to work together.
  8. Skipping –   Get the rhythm, then increase the speed. The rhythmic action of the arms and legs working together is great for developing better quickness and power to the ground.

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