A drag bunt can be particularly effective when there is a runner on second, or first and second, and no outs. It is also an effective play when the third baseman is playing deep and you have a runner on third with two outs.

Set Up

  1. In this baseball hitting situation, the third baseman is playing deep.
  2. We have a hitter at the plate who is an excellent bunter. It is a situation that requires the bunter to be accurate in trying to get the ball down the line.

drag bunt baseball hitting


  1. As you swing, the focus is to move the weighted object and feel the rotation of the body through the hitting motion in good detail.
  2. After running through a few dry hit swings and feeling that rotation, have a partner throw you some balls and you should feel that rotation much better.

Coaching Tips

The number of outs is really not important because the third baseman is giving us a drag bunt situation. It’s more of an element of surprise than anything else. Since the third baseman is playing deep, he’s giving that opportunity to us. It doesn’t always require that the bunter be an excellent base runner or be fast.