Helps players develop proper bunting technique and timing.

Drill Setup

  • One coach works with a group of players in this drill.
  • Find a space in the field and have all players spread out with at least 4-6 feet of space between them.
  • Each players has a bat and helmet.

How it Works

  1. The coach will play the “pitcher” in this drill. He stands 20-30 feet in front of the players in the stretch position.
  2. The batters begin in their normal batting stance.
  3. Coach goes into his pitching motion. As he finishes his stride and begins to cock his arm back, the batters square around into bunting position and freeze.
  4. Coach evaluates their timing and mechanics, and provides corrections.
  5. The drill restarts. This time, the coach will complete his pitching motion and throw an imaginary ball.
  6. The batters will square around into bunting position and visualize the ball being released, flying into the strike zone and making contact for a bunt.

Coaching Tips

  • Slide the top hand halfway up the bat and hold it between your index finger and thumb
  • Bunt the top half of the ball, so it is directed immediately toward the ground
  • Keep the knees bent and the eyes just over the bat. Move the entire body up or down to adjust to the pitch. Do not jab at the ball.
  • Make it harder: Add a live pitcher to the drill.   Throw fastballs, changeups and breaking balls to the bunter.
  • Make it easier: Coach stands behind the bunter and helps get him into proper bunting position.