The backhand and barehand catch is an invaluable skill for all third basemen to master. In today’s video blog post, I am sharing some tips on how to properly implement these techniques into your fielding plays.


One important techniques for 3rd base fielding involves using the barehand. The barehand can be used when dealing with either a fast runner or a slow roller. It gives you an option in how you can field the ball, and if you have the confidence and the ability to take the ball with a barehand, it’s going to eliminate the transfer of the ball from the glove to the throwing hand, and also buy you some time in getting rid of the ball.

Always remember that every step taken by the fielder allows the baserunner to gain 2 extra steps, or a minimum of 6 feet of distance. This is because he is in full stride, while you are not.

Barehand Fielding Tips

  • Throw off the right foot for quicker delivery.
  • You can still get the out, even if the ball is bobbled.
  • Never give up on the play!


90% of the balls taken in practice should be plays that are difficult to make. One of the most difficult plays for the 3rd baseman is the Backhand. This is a ball that takes you toward the line and involves making a quick and exceptionally long throw to first base, using good arm strength.

Backhand Throwing Tips

  • A backhand is best used on a play that forces the third baseman to move to his right.
  • Stay low and always use correct throwing and catching technique throughout the motion.


Video Demonstration


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