I like making practice fun while doing baseball batting drills with the younger players.   These are two favorites that I use frequently with great results!

Golf Ball Hits

I bought a 24 pack of plastic golf balls and several rolls of white athletic tape. I taped all the balls with the white tape and used a red permanent marker to draw the seams on the balls.

Next take a skinny broom stick and tape it up as well. At practice I pitch the little balls to the kids who use the broom stick to hit with.

They have fun with the challenge of hitting the small balls and it helps with their hand eye coordination. Fun drill.

4 Station Hitting

You need a total of 4 groups of 3 players

  • Three tee’s located around: 3rd – 1st – Pitching mound
  • Third Base Tee – base working/hitting inside pitch
  • First Base Tee – working/hitting outside pitch
  • Pitching mound –   hitting (above ball) line drives up the middle

Note: use softballs with one hitter one feeding tee and one shagging (from each station) with gloves

Additional (4th) group hitting is live pitching w/Light-Flights with hitter back against backstop. The players waiting are using hitting stick or doing dry swings.