In this video blog post, we are talking about double plays for the short stop and the 3 throws that a shortstop can make to the second baseman to lead on the double play.

Swivel / The 6 Ball Technique

The Swivel / 6 Ball technique is when the ball is coming straight at the shortstop. The shortstop will go to the ball and break down into his fielding position. He is going to field the ball, go into the swivel position on the right knee and then release the ball.

–   Do not pick up the feet when making the throw. It is not necessary to jump 3 or 4 steps before you get rid of the ball.
–   Use swivel technique when fielding a hard-hit ground ball directly to you.
–   Throw to the 2nd baseman’s chest
–   Keep feet spread for balance

Flip / Ball To The Left

From the normal double play positioning and depth, any ball that takes the shortstop to his left becomes a flip. The shortstop will use force when he moves to his left, break down and field the ball, telling his second baseman what throw is coming. He will then flip and throw the ball to him.

–   Remember to pull out the technique from your flip drills
–   Keep the wrist stiff and give the chest a high feed


This skill takes a great deal of practice and repetition to master.

–   Keep the right foot forward
–   Backhand the ball, and then swivel down, turn and get rid of the ball
–   Do not stand up straight before throwing
–   Do not take any unnecessary steps


Video Demonstration


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