Good baseball fielding requires a combination of mobility, speed, agility and ball-handling skills. I’ve put together 5 great fielding drills for your younger players who are just beginning or need extra practice with the fundamentals.

Drill No.1: Past Ball

Purpose: Players will be more responsive and more confident when they are able to accurately and effectively track down a fly ball.   This drill also helps prepare them for catching the ball under control and then making the throw.

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Drill No.2: Scoop Drill

Purpose: This drill helps young players learn which way to use their glove.   Since a scoop is something that is carried outside the hand, younger kids will be able to manoeuver the scoop easier than having a glove on their hand.   With the scoop shaped similar to a glove, they will begin to understand glove positioning.

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Drill No.3: Alligator Arms

Purpose: This drill helps players learn the concept of securing the ball in their glove with two hands.   This is especially helpful for younger players learning to field grounders properly.

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Drill No.4: Pepper

Purpose: This is a great baseball training drill to build hand-eye coordination, quick reaction and to teach older players the value of knocking the ball down at all costs.

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Drill No.5: Catch The Flies

Purpose: This drill teaches proper footwork and range to catch fly balls that are not hit directly at the player.   You can also use this baseball drill to help players adjust to high fly balls.

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