The “Middle Infielder” refers to the second baseman and shortstop, whose positions lie in the middle of the infield. The shortstop is typically the best defensive player on the team.   They are responsible for covering a large portion of the field in an area where a lot of balls get hit. Any ball hit between third base and second base are the responsibility of the shortstop.   The second baseman covers the area between first and second.

The middle infielders must have great communication and require speed, agility, and the ability to make accurate throws.   Either the second baseman or shortstop is usually responsible for catching a throw to second base, so they must maintain constant communication to determine which player will cover the base in any situation that might occur.

Double Plays

One key responsibility of a middle infielder is turning a double play. This occurs when a runner is on first base and the batter hits a ball to any of the infielders, the pitcher or the catcher. The infielders then coordinate to throw out both the runner heading toward second base and the batter running toward first base. When both players are thrown out successfully in the same play, this is called a double play.

The most common type of double play involves both middle infielder positions, as well as the first baseman, and is called a 6-4-3 double play.   This type of play means that the shortstop fielded the ball, then flipped or threw it to the second baseman covering the base, and the second threw the ball to first base to make the second out.


Middle Infielder Double Play Drill


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