This is a favorite fielding drill I use with my younger players.   Bear in mind that it   works well though for any age.

Triangle Drill
Place 3 cones in the shape of a triangle approximately 12-15ft. apart.

Position one player (or coach) on each leg of the triangle, back about 10 ft. from the triangle line with a ball.

The player that is working the drill begins by one cone and will work in a clockwise direction.

On the first leg of the triangle, the ball will be rolled in order to force the player to backhand the ball close to the second cone.

On the second leg on the triangle, the player will be forced to get position on a ball rolled far to the right with an emphasis on getting centered on the ball in order to make a strong throw.

On the third and final leg, the player will be forced to field a short hop while that is thrown outside to the direction the player is going in.

The fielder then does the same drill in the opposite direction and then rotates to a throwing position.

We also make a square with the cones and use this drill with pancake gloves and one coach in the middle (squatting) and make the player make throws to the opposite side of the square.