These are two of the baseball fielding drills I love to do.   The first drill is for infielders and focuses on proper position to field grounders.   The second drill is for your outfielders and training for throws and distance.

Infield Drill
One, have your infielder stand in ready position.
Hit or throw them a grounder but to make sure they get square to the ball have them field the ball between their legs behind their glove leg.

This forces them to get square to the ball as they cannot reach too far for it or they will not be able to field it between their legs. It’s a lot of fun trying this drill for the boys they feel pretty cool if they can do this.

Outfielder Drill
Have your outfielders stand in a line facing you.   Throw pop flies to them first making them back up a couple of steps.
Then start increasing the distance they have to go for the ball and make them turn and run to the ball instead of back peddle.
change the direction of the throws so they learn how to judge and turn and run both directions. Make sure you challenge them by throwing some that they must really sprint to get to.