Here is a baseball fielding drill we use often.   We officially call it “The Last Man Standing”, 5 in a row; unofficially, we call it “The Buckner Drill” 5 in a row.

The Last Man Standing OR The Buckner Drill
The drill works like this:
Place 2 cones 10-12 feet apart.
The players all get in a line.
The first player is up (no gloves) creeps and gets down and the coach who is 40-60 feet away, fires one grounder after another to the player (total of 5).

The player has to field cleanly (he just tosses the ball to the side) nothing gets by, no ball between the legs (hence Buckner).

If he makes five, he goes to end of the line, if he misses he is out.

All of this continues until there is just one man left standing. It’s fun, the players love it AND it definitely helps!