No stride soft toss or no stride tee work or batting cage work is a great way to allow hitters to concentrate on the hitting faults of backside or head jumping, by alleviating the stride. If the hitter does not stride, their head has more of a tendency to stay still and they will be able to focus more on using their backside. Many times, if you have a hitter who is jumping out on his front foot, have him work without taking strides, with focus on rotating the back side, keeping the head still and the front foot not going forward at all. You should see the hitter’s back quadricep going right into the ball as he rotates, “squashing the bug”.

Baseball Hitting Drill for Power: Stride, Backside & Hands

You can also work a slow motion progression that will allow for repetition and muscle memory.

With one player being the soft toss feeder, the batter will focus on breaking down each mechanics – first stride, and then commit the backside and finally with the hands, swing the bat. Be sure that the hands do not go forward until the hitter has committed his back side to the ball.


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