Eliminates loops in the swing. Players learn to execute a short, quick, downward swing.

Drill Setup

  • Player stands at plate.
  • Coach kneels at the mound with a pitching machine.
  • Use a pitching machine with the legs taken off.
  • Point the machine at an upward angle so that the ball is rising as it comes to the plate.

How it Works

  1. Batter gets into stance.
  2. Coach holds the ball up and shows it to the batter.
  3. Coach puts ball in pitching machine which throws it toward home plate.
  4. Player takes a short, quick, downward swing to meet the ball on the same plane and hit it.

Coaching Tips

  • Look for ground balls and hard line drives. Anything that is popped up or fouled off indicates a loop in the swing that needs to be eliminated