In today’s video blog post, we are talking about baseball hitting and proper rotational movement in the swing along with posture stabilization which creates the power source for a good, speedy swing. Swing power and taking the bat to the ball are also discussed.

Total Baseball Hitting: Rotation and Swing Sequence

Proper Rotational Movement

Upon front foot contact, the next thing to remember with the swing is the back heel comes off the ground aggressively and and your rotation will now begin. The power source begins to develop from the feet, through the legs, to the hips, then supplied to the torso and upper body.

You are now using the biggest muscles in your body to become involved in the swing. The largest muscles through the legs, torso and back area will be the muscles that deliver the bat. This will give us the power source we need to have a good, quick, speedy swing.

Posture Stabilization

Posture stabilization involves keeping the head and waist on the same plane from the hitting stance through to the point of contact. You don’t want to bend at the waist. This will aid in reducing head movement and help to maximize power.

Hitting a low pitch requires the hitter to drop or take the barrel of the bat to the ball, as opposed to bending over at the waist. Bending over causes a player to lose balance as his head moves away from his center of gravity. This action also causes a loss of power because the energy built up through the proper sequential movements of the lower body stops at the waist.


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