Today’s video covers a unique approach to baseball hitting mechanics that helps your players make better contact and increase their power. Click play to watch it now!

Have you ever noticed that some hitters just find a way to get the ball to “jump” off their bat, and carry straight and true like a cruise missile?

While others look like they’re making great contact, but the ball drops out of the air like a dead duck?

This video explains why that happens. It’s all about the “Contact Phase” of the swing.

Poor hitters get to the contact point, then roll off the ball, breaking the wrists and ending the swing prematurely. As a result, their bat is only in the hitting zone for a split second. So the only way to make contact is to have PERFECT timing. And if they do happen to make contact, the wrist-roll saps all the power out of the swing, so the ball flies slower and shorter.

The “6 Ball” baseball hitting system trains players to get down to the ball, then up through it. Because pitchers throw the ball with a downward trajectory, the hitter must come up through the second half of the hitting zone on a upward trajectory (to match the path of the ball).

Focus on training your hitters to push through at the point of contact, point the bat, then roll through the finish only at the absolute last moment of the swing. They’ll make better, more consistent contact, and hit for more power as well!

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