One drill that I love to use that shows improvement and keeps kids hustling is my infield ” Follow the throw” drill.   This drill allows all members of the team to practice all infield positions in a short amount of time.

Follow the Throw Drill
Position a player at 1b, one in RF, one at C (with no catcher gear on), one at 3B, and any excess players to form a line at LF.

The coach hits a ground ball to 3B. It is scooped up by the 3b who throws it to 1st base (Note: The excess players standing in line at LF will be acting as a backup should the 3B miss the groundball).

The 1B catches the ball while stepping on the first base bag. The RF is backing up the first baseman. The first base turns and throws to home plate where the catcher will then practice covering the plate and tagging out a phantom runner.

The 3b, after throwing to first, follows the throw and becomes the RF. The RF, after backing up 1B, now becomes the 1B. The 1B, after throwing home, becomes the catcher. The catcher, after giving the ball back to the coach, goes to the end of the line in LF.     The player that was standing first in line at LF now becomes the 3B.

After all players get a chance to complete the cycle you can then move the line to SS, 2B, and the pitcher’s mound.