These baseball infield drills work on hand eye coordination, lateral movement, and team work. It’s a good cardio workout too.

3 Person Infield Indoor Drill
Using indoor baseballs or hard balls have 2 start by standing 6 ft. apart about 25ft. from the wall. Then they throw the ball off the wall at an angel so 2nd will have to shuffle 3-10ft. to pick the ball up with the 3rd stepping in to replace the the person throwing the ball with the 1st thrower moving in behind the 1st receiver.

So it goes 1st person throws to 2nd person, 2nd person throws to 3rd person, 3rd person throws to 1st person.

You could make a game of it by seeing who of the 3 picks up the ball clean 5 times first. The other two doing 5 push-ups then start again.

My guys love this drill.   If they are working hard they will sweat!