With kids under six, playing a scrimmage usually results in a lot of standing around, boredom, or goofing off.     This modified version allows you to get more game-like reps for your players, keeps them active and engaged, and helps them learn the roles of the infield positions.

Drill Setup

  • Divide your team into three groups of roughly four players

How it Works

  1. Team 1 is at bat.
  2. Team 2 fills the infield positions (pitcher, second, third and short) with a parent or coach at first base.
  3. Team 3 goes into the outfield and runs a fielding station, independent from the scrimmage.
  4. Each player on the batting team hits once.
  5. Rotate the groups from infield to outfield to hitting and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Kids at this age can’t hit the ball very far, so there’s usually no need for outfielders. By putting only four kids in the field (mixed with parents if necessary), it becomes much easier to play a game in which the kids actually learn something.
  • Putting a parent/coach at first base at the start of the season is critical because it allows the defense to field a hit ball and throw to someone who can catch it (and record an out).
  • As the kids progress and their catching skills improve, try putting a player at first base instead.
  • Stress to your players that if the ball is hit to one of their teammates, they should allow him or her to field it. It can be helpful to have parents stationed inside the infield to help reinforce this concept.