To improve throwing technique and arm strength.

Drill Setup

  • Arrange 3 batting tees in a row about 10 feet apart from each other.
  • For beginner players, place a large ball on each tee (playground ball, soccer ball, etc.).
  • For more experienced players, place a baseball on each tee.
  • Group players into three lines about 20 feet in front of each batting tee.
  • All players should have a ball and glove.
Players work on their throwing accuracy by trying to knock a target off a tee

How it Works

  1. The object of this drill is for players to try and hit the ball off the tee with a square throw.
  2. First player in each line throws ball at the target.
  3. If they hit the target, they need to run out and reset the batting tee with the ball for next player in line then return to the end of their line.
  4. If they do not hit the target, they should return to end of the line and wait for their turn again.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it easier: Increasing the size of the ball on the batting tee makes this drill easier. For example, a beach ball can be used for little ones! Alternatively, you can move players closer to the batting tee.
  • Make it harder: The smaller the target on the batting tee, the harder this drill becomes. Another way to increase the difficulty is to have players throw from farther back.