This is one of the baseball infield drills we have done for the last few years that emphasizes the importance of every throw, both its accuracy and quick delivery.   It became obvious   to us last year in the championships that many  rallies began with a throwing error.

Infield Throwing Drill:
Have two sets of infielders set up in normal positions: P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B and SS. The two groups will compete against each other to see which can finish the drill in the least amount of time with accurate throws and tag outs.

The pitcher pitches to the catcher. The catcher throws to second base, where the shortstop makes the tag, then throws to third base. The third baseman makes the tag, then throws to first base.

The first baseman gets the force out, then throws to second base. The second baseman makes the tag on the third base side of second, simulating a throw behind a runner after the out at first.

After the tag, the second baseman throws to home, where the catcher drops and blocks for the final out.

All tags must be in proper position and gloves must swipe the dirt to be valid.

This drill can be modified with catchers throwing to first or third to add variety and allow position players to work on throws to other bases.

To better involve the pitcher, a coach can initiate this throwing drill by pitching, allowing the pitcher to play another position.