Balance drills are invaluable to your budding pitcher to practice every day. These are drills that focus on holding the balance point position in order to master an effective fluid balance point.

In this baseball pitcher conditioning drill, we are working on balancing on the back foot with the front leg lifted. But while the main focus is on gaining a better feeling for the balance point, it is also a great tool for those pitchers who need to work on alignment.


Baseball Pitcher Conditioning: “The Leg Lift” Balance Drill

The focus is on a soft leg lift with the foot pointed in the right direction, which will help with body position and mechanics, which leads to improved pitcher targeting.

When the foot is in the proper position, the pitcher should be able to look down his knee with the leg lifted, and see his stride foot toe hanging down, nice and loose and tilted slightly in. The knee lift height is a matter of preference for the pitcher.

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    • matt smith

      the previous post is accurate with regard to a “real pitch” however i think the point was to try to break it down into manageable pieces. in teaching the finer points of any sport the only effective method is to break it down…otherwise you may as well tell them to “just do it”…

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