In this creative baseball pitching drill, we are going to use a hockey puck! You are probably wondering what do a hockey puck and a baseball have in common? Well, a hockey puck weighs the same as a baseball, so the critical mass of a baseball is about the same as that of a hockey puck.

Baseball Pitching Drill: The Hockey Puck Drill

If you want to work on your release point on the fast ball, the curve ball and the circle change, you can use a hockey puck to throw instead of a baseball, and the hockey puck will let you know just how efficient you are with your release point. By having players on their knees, this baseball pitching drill is a low intensity release point drill that will help your pitchers throw strikes when they get to the mound.

For this baseball pitching drill, 2 players will be spaced at about 30 feet apart and on the knees, and one player will throw the hockey puck to the other, remembering “Glove – Eyes – Ball” (or in this case – Glove – Eyes – Hockey Puck!)

If you let the hockey puck go properly, you will see no wiggle at all in the hockey puck. If you are floppy with your wrist or change your posture during the throw or release, you will see the hockey puck respond with a whole lot of activity, which allows you to trouble shoot and fine tune the pitch.


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