There are a couple of push off mechanics that can be detrimental to your pitchers development and success as a pitcher. Swinging the leg up to get to the balance position is one of these mechanics that you want to work with them to change. You need to teach your pitchers to lift the leg to balance instead of swinging it. You may see your pitcher is not balancing strongly and steadily at the balance position. This may be cause by the player standing on the heel instead of the ball of foot. You want to teach yoru players to lead with the side of the foot instead of the toes, and to keep the outside of the foot pointing at the catcher for as long as possible. This will help keep that front side closed longer.

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent baseball pitching pushoff drill, that focuses on the mechanics of the back foot and starts with the windup.

Baseball Pitching Pushoff Drill – Part 1: The Back Foot

– Start in a windup position

– Lift one leg and balance on the back foot. When the leg is lifted, you want to focus on that back foot, making certain that the toe of the back foot is solid and that it stays ahead of the heel.

– Make sure that the back foot is solid and that there is no movement with that back foot. Wherever the back foot is put down, it stays there.

-Lean in with the knee so that the balance is on the inside of the foot.

– Have your players lift their leg and balance for 5 – 10 repetitions, and take the time to inspect teach player individually and provide feedback on adjustments.


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