In today’s blog post, I am sharing with you two excellent baseball power hitting drills that use a basketball!   These baseball power hitting drills will work your players in a new way, improving their baseball power hitting ability in no time!

Baseball Power Hitting Drills…. Using A Basketball???

Basketball Drill

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: Get a basketball, a tee, your bat and baseball, and a plunger from home.

Execution: Put the plunger inside the tee, and rest the basketball on top of the plunger. Execute 10 swings, then switch back to a regular baseball, and give it another five swings.

Coaching Tips: Watch the ball’s rotation after you swing through – you can watch the lines and get a great idea of whether you’re topping over or hitting under just by the way the ball comes off the tee.


Deflated Basketball Drill

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Setup: A deflated basketball, your bat and baseball, and a partner.

Execution: Here were going to have our partner toss us the basketball, focusing on pushing it away and hitting it dead center. Give it 10 regular swings before switching back to the regular baseball for another five reps.

Coaching Tips: You don’t want to use an inflated basketball for the tosses, because it can deflect off the bat and hit the batter or the tosser. Also, keep an eye out on rotation for a good indicator of where you’re hitting the ball.


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