My baseball practice drills always in include fielding drills.   Accuracy is the name of the game with the Dead Ball drill as players are asked to hit the target time and time again. Every outfield practice must include Cut off and relays, and defense, infield and outfield drills, and general throwing mechanics must be must be practiced repeatedly and tested until players have mastered those drills.

1. Dead ball drills
Ten balls are placed on the ground, and then the fielder would place himself in front of the ball with his back facing First Base. The fielder would run behind the ball, scoop it up in with his glove in his hand and make the throw to First Base.

2. Ground balls and Infield drills:
The infield routine consists of ten rounds of ground balls per player. The first three rounds are making throws to First Base making sure that the thrower hits the target time and time again. The First Basement would then throw the ball to Home Plate or when asked he would throw the ball to third base.

On the first round, the ball is hit straight at the fielder.
On the second round the ball is hit to his right.
On the third round the ball is hit to his left.

The next three rounds are double plays, again making sure that the thrower hits the target time and time again.
The penultimate three rounds are slow ground balls, making the infielders charge the ball and throw to First Base to make the out.   The final round is to hit the Home Plate for a force play or a tag play.   The decision as to which is which is down to me or whoever is conducting the session.

3. Run down situations
Runner in First Base and he is picked off by the pitcher. Three players or more take part in this drill. The first baseman must release the ball as soon as he can as to avoid the runner reaching second base.   The runner in a run down situation must not be allowed to run towards the next base so he must be chased back to where he came from, that way if he is safe he would be back where he set off in the first instance.

4. Outfield drills
Make the outfielders to work on foot work, drop steps, outfield grounders, and fly balls.   Also make outfielders to throw to bases making sure that the throw is aimed at the Cut Off man and not to the man covering the base.