If you’re looking for drills to use in your baseball practice plans, try this one.   It is called the Cone Drill and is one of the best overall drills for your players.   Everyone is active and enhancing their skills AND it is fun!

Cone Drill

  •         Divide your players between short stop, first & third.
  •       Short stop & first play in normal positions but the third base stands well back as a back up.
  •       Place a cone at third where a runner from second would be sliding.
  •       Coach hits a ground ball to short stop where they field & hold an imaginary runner on second then play first to get the out.
  •       First then tries to hit the cone placed at third.

This simulates the runner on second (that was held up by the short stop initially) going to third on the throw & sliding into the base. The players at third base act as a back up to the throw & all players are constantly rotating position in a clock wise manner.

This drill creates great excitement in trying to hit the cone & the coach can even offer a prize for anyone who is successful.

It can also be used with a ground ball hit to third who plays second & second tries to hit a cone placed at home. Great overall conditioning and training drill.   Give it a try!