Here is a pre-practice warmup ice breaker where everyone is involved.   It is simple, fun, challenging and, for the survivor, rewarding at least for that day in practice. It is a warm up for hand-eye coordination also!

Rubber Soul Pepper Drill
Here is how the drill goes:

Start the whole team in a circle or box form enclosed rectangle.

Spread all 10-12 players out about 3-4 or even more feet from each kid.   Start with say two rubber balls.   2 Kids start with the balls and fakingly throw to an unannounced teammate.   All of the team have to be ready to have balls thrown to them.

Once received the new person with the ball in a split second tosses the ball to another unsuspecting teammate and so on.

You can’t let the ball hit the ground and even using your arms and shoulders as as decoys.

The throw must be able to be caught between head and knees.   If it is dropped you’re out.   When you have 4 left, you go to one ball until there are only two people.   Step farther back with fake moves until only one remains.

You can also use only one hand to catch if you like.   Talk while you do it for distractions by calling out a wrong name!   This is a real ice-breaker and lots of fun.

It set the tone for an attentive “all ears” practice.