I have always used a simple drill called Situation. We usually do this the last practice before games. It is a one of the key baseball practice plans I use and it is an excellent warm up for them to get into “game mode”.

Situation Drill
You start with a full defense (pitcher included) and base runners at you’re side.
The coach hits the ball to the field and the runner runs as if he hit the ball, just like in a real game.

The purpose is to have the defense make the play, but the coach is in control of where the ball goes.

Each defensive player has got to know where to go with the ball if it comes to him. After runners run for about 3 innings they are rotated out to play defense. It makes the players think and warms up the brain and body the day before the game.

The drill is usually run for 15-20 minutes or until all the runners get rotated into the defense.

Make sure all defensive players move every time the ball is hit, covering and backing up, just like in a real game.