Baseball Catchers Practice Plan: The “Gold Glove” Workout

Check out this awesome set of baseball catchers practice drills that will give your catcher a “Gold Glove” workout and watch your catcher’s skills improve in no time!


Soft Hands Drill – Complete 15 reps

The Soft Hands Drill is excellent for building correct framing technique. The Framing pitch is something that all players have to be good at, because we have to do it on a regular basis. One way we can achieve this is to start with the bare hand. This will help you get the nice, soft hands so when the ball hits, it sticks.

Check out the video of this drill here:

Framing Drill – Complete 15 reps

Framing is the art of making a pitch that is near the zone appear to be a strike when in fact it may not be. A catcher, who can frame well, can be extremely helpful to a pitcher working the corners of the plate. Framing correctly is a difficult task and one that should be practiced during bullpen sessions and in drills.

Check out the video of this drill here:

Wrist Flicks Drill – Complete 25 reps

Wrist Flick drills isolate the forearm and wrist, and allow players to focus on their throwing knee and pointing the throwing side elbow to the partner at shoulder height and releasing the ball to a partner with a flip of the wrist.

Check out the video of this drill here:

One Knee Throwing Drill – Complete 20 reps

This baseball throwing drill helps develop correct follow-through and improves accuracy by isolating the top half of the body to make sure release and follow-through are correct.

Check out the video of this drill here:

Blocking Drill – Complete 15 reps

It is important to work on blocking technique on a daily basis to perfect these valuable skills. Incorrect technique will take pitches away from your pitcher and you are going to give up runs and you’re going to allow baserunners to advance when they shouldn’t have that option. The key in blocking pitches is DO NOT catch the ball. You want to focus on stopping the ball from getting by, by blocking the hole.

Check out the video of this drill here:

Bunt Technique – Complete 15 reps

Bunting technique is not a difficult concept to teach. But what is difficult is making sure you keep on top of it. If your catcher makes a mistake in the game, you want to be sure you can get it corrected, so that when he goes after that ball, he can take charge of the situation, call loudly, take the appropriate steps, and make a good strong throw to first base.

Check out the video of this drill here:


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