This is a favorite warm up drill. I call it the Infield Snake. The goal is to complete the drill without missing a ball. This drill can also be performed with line drives and pop-ups so it gets used often.

The Infield Snake

  •       Start with a player at every infield position except for pitcher.
  •       Extra players queue up behind each of the infield positions except for catcher.
  •       Coach hits a ball to third.
  •       Third throws to first and moves into the shortstop queue.
  •       First throws home.
  •       During the throw to first the catcher tosses the coach another ball and the coach hits a ball to shortstop.
  •       Shortstop throws to first and moves in the second base queue.
  •       First throws home.
  •       Repeat for second and first with second going into the first base queue and first rotating down to the catcher position.
  •       The catcher rotates up to third.
  •       The drill ends when all players are back in their original positions.

Coach can wait for ball to be returned to him before hitting the second. You should be able to have multiple balls in play.