Have players take their positions on the field, including pitcher and catcher. Coach is at-bat.

Drill Setup

  • Make sure players are backing up bases correctly, especially outfielders.
collapse drill for baseball fielding
Coach hits fly ball to right, runner tags and right fielder overthrows the catcher forcing the pitcher to back up the play.

How it Works

  1. Coach announces a situation and hits the ball to an infielder who then on purpose makes either a fielding or throwing error. For example, you could say “bunt with no one on base.”
  2. The goal here is for players, especially outfielders, to be backing up each infield position correctly.
  3. On the example above, the third basemen would field the bunt and overthrow first base and the second basemen and right fielder would need to be backing up the play.
collapse drill for baseball fielding
Here, third baseman fields the ball and throws wild to first forcing right fielder to back up the play.

Coaching Tips

  • Without telling outfielders, you can arrange signals with the infielders to indicate what type of error they should make – for example, a closed fist indicates a fielding error, an open hand indicates a throwing error.
  • Allow your infielders to “act” as they make the error and to have fun in this drill.
  • You can add baserunners and create more complex situations to really test your players understanding of how to back up plays.