This drill practices a situation in which a player must dive for the ball and QUICKLY return to his feet to make the throw. The focus of this drill is improving a player’s reaction time.

Drill Setup

  • This drill can be practiced anywhere on the field. The coach will be standing nearby to call commands.
  • This drill can be done individually or with multiple players.

How it Works

The player is waiting in the Ready Position.   The coach calls “Go.”

The player takes one step to the side and makes the dive, stretching as far as possible.

Baseball Dive Play Fielding Drill

He quickly pops up, squares his body to first base and simulates a throw.

Baseball Dive Play Fielding Drill

Practice the dive play to both sides.

Coaching Tips

  • Practice without a ball until the technique is perfected.
  • This is a good drill for players to practice individually to develop a quicker reaction time.