This baseball fielding drill is known as the Glove Shuffle, or the bare hand scoop. It is used when you need to charge the ball and throw to home plate for a force out, and sometimes for a tag. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s a great skill for all pitchers to learn for those rare occasions when it does!

This is also a great baseball fielding drill to help develop conditioning.


  • The pitcher will simulate a pitch, and the hitter/coach will softly hit a ball for the pitcher to charge and field
  • Complete 5 – 10 repetitions

Coaching Tips

– The pitcher should keep the glove open as they charge the ball, and then push the ball directly at the target

– The hitter/coach should keep the toss level and soft

– Be sure to keep the head down through the entire movement. Pulling the head up will cause you to lose the ball. When the head comes up, the glove comes up.

– Charge the ball quickly so you can stop the run or score!

– You can also make the play using a barehand flip

Video Demonstration


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