In this scrimmage variation, using the tee speeds up the pace of the game and gives your team more repetitions in a shorter time. Hitters can work on their swing mechanics, while fielders can practice fielding ground balls and throwing out runners.

Drill Setup

  • Divide your team into two groups of six.
  • Team 1 fills out the six infield positions.
  • Team 2 is at bat, using the tee instead of a pitched ball.

How it Works

  1. The batting team is allowed six outs. Then offense and defense switch sides.
  2. The batter must hit a ground ball off the tee.
  3. The ball must make initial contact with the ground inside the infield.
  4. The infield area is the only part of the field that is in play. The outfield is out of play
  5. Any fly ball or line drive is an automatic out, regardless of where it lands
  6. Any ground ball that goes through the infield and into the outfield is a base hit. The batter takes first base with a single. All baserunners advance one base.
  7. Every defensive out adds 1 point to your team score.
  8. Every defensive error subtracts 1 point from your team score.
  9. Every offensive run scored adds one 1 point to your team scor.

Coaching Tips

  • Use a high to low swing to produce a ground ball.
  • When fielding ground balls, move into position to field the ball in front of your body. Watch the ball into the glove, then smoothly transition into the throwing motion.