Focuses on rolling the back foot over, so that the knee is released and energy is transferred throughout the body.

Drill Setup

  • Drill can be run anywhere on the field.
  • You need a pitcher and either a catcher or net for him to throw to.

How it Works

1  Pitcher stands with feet shoulder-width or a little farther apart.

Starting Position

2.  He rocks back, putting his weight over his back leg.

Rock back

3.  He then separates his hands down, forms the “T” position, throws the ball and finishes over the opposite knee.

Throw the ball

4.  Complete 15-20 repetitions.

Finish over the knee

Coaching Tips

  • Look for a good roll of the back foot on the pitch.
  • Also, make sure pitcher is maintaining his balance when finishing over his knee.
  • This drill is great for helping pitchers generate speed and get the most from their bodies – particularly smaller pitchers.
  • Ball should travel on forward and downward plane – which is the toughest type of pitch to hit.
  • Drill can be done with or without coach’s supervision.

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