Isometric drills are done without movement. The purpose is to isolate specific muscles in the body and strengthening them to receive a quicker bat. Today, I am sharing 3 Isometric Hitting Drills that you can do anytime. You just need a pole and a bat. They are good strength gainers because you are doing the exact motion where you would be at contact hitting the baseball, using all the muscles as hard as you can.

Isometric Hitting Drills for Hitting Power!

Isometric drills are isolating specific muscles during the hitting phase. We are going to demonstrate how to isometrically work an inside pitch, down the middle pitch and an opposite field pitch by moving his feet accordingly.

Drill #1: Isometric Drill Off The Fence for an Inside Pitch

  • Players gets the bat out in front of him, with his arms straight and the bat against the side of the fence pole.
  • The player then does a push/pull action with his hands, putting as much force on the pole with the bat, isolating the triceps, back muscles, and forearms, which are used during the swing.

Drill #2: Isometric Drill Off The Fence for a Pitch Down the Middle

  • The player will move forward to shift his standing position accordingly for a pitch down the middle, and with arms straight, place the bat parallel against the fence post.
  • The same point of emphasis – the forearms are pushing as hard as they can, working the triceps and back muscles into the swing at a pitch down the middle.

Drill #3: Isometric Drill Off The Fence for Opposite Field Contact

  • The player will move forward again, and now you will work on the opposite field contact.


We are isolating different muscles with each variation of this isometric drill that we do.


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