In this video blog post, we are demonstrating throwing techniques and an awesome throwing drill that focuses on the glove and what to do with the arms during the pitch, and share some great tips on how to get the throwing arm up on top properly during the pitch.

Working with the Front Arm & Glove Position

With the arms separated, and the front hand up, you want to turn all of your focus onto that front arm.

– The front arm should be out where you feel it is comfortable.
– Turn the thumb over so that the heel of the glove is up
– Brush the elbow in against the upper rib cage and finish with the elbow still high against the rib cage
– The Glove should go no higher than the chin, and you should bring your head to the target
– Be sure to finish by popping your leg over onto the toe as you finish through the throw

Using One Hop Throwing Drill To Aid In Getting The Throwing Arm Up

This drill uses 2 players and a cup to use as a throwing target. Space the players approximately 25 feet apart, with a cup or cone placed between them.

Begin by getting into a stationary stride position, and – using the same mechanics as above – you are going to emphasize getting the throwing arm up and pulling the glove hand through, feeling like you are popping the ball. You want to ball to hit the ground with only one hop, and then reach the receiving partner. By focusing on getting just one hop between the players, it emphasizes working on getting that arm up right before the release, and then releasing downhill.

This is a great way for players to feel what it means to get the arm on top, because if the player is dragging his arm, he will not be able to get a good hop on the ball.


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