The purpose of this drill is to improve general team defense.

Set Up

Have players take their positions on the field. Coach is at-bat.


  1. Defense is required to make a certain number of outs in a row to “win” the drill.
  2. Coach sets the number of consecutive outs required to end the drill – it can be 5 or 9 or 15 or 21 or whatever the coach decides.
  3. If an error is made or an out not recorded, the count goes back to zero and the defense must start all over again.

Third baseman fields the bunt and tries to throw the runner out at first for out number one.

Defense attempts to complete the 6-4-3 double play to continue its streak of consecutive outs.


Coaching Tips

  • Setting a high number of outs required like 9 or 18 or even more can, as the number of outs made grows higher, put real game type pressure on players not to mess up – which will make them that much better in real game situations.
  • Use players to run for the coach.
  • Add baserunners and create game type situations to put additional pressure on the defense.