Improves lower back conditioning.

Drill Setup

  • Player stands anywhere on the field. Coach kneels about six feet in front of him.

How it Works

  1. Coach rolls a ball to the side of the player.
  2. Player slides his feet and fields the rolling ball and tosses it back to the coach.
  3. Coach rolls the ball to the other side. Player slides over and fields it and tosses it back to coach.
  4. Complete 10-15 repetitions or do this drill for 30 to 60-second intervals.
Player slides back and forth picking up the ball.

Coaching Tips

  • Lower back fatigue is common among pitchers. Look for poor follow-through as a sign a pitcher is getting tired.
  • Player can also set two balls on the ground and run the drill by himself.
  • Increase the distance between player and coach to make the drill more challenging.