In today’s video post, we are talking about a great baseball drill that will help you fine-tune your pitching mechanics!   This drill encourages arm speed out in front of the release.     It is a great drill for the pitcher who tends to cut the throw off, or has a release too far behind his head, and all his hand speed happens before he releases the ball.

This drill uses a wooden dowel and air/wind sound to help your pitcher understand where and when to release the pitch, based on his own speed and velocity.

Fine Tune Your Pitching Mechanics with this  Baseball Drill

Equipment Needed:  

2 foot, 5/8 inch dowel, with the handle taped to create a shape similar to baseball (you will be gripping this piece like a baseball).

Performing the Drill:

Hold the handle of the dowel like a baseball you are preparing to throw.

As you go through the motions of throwing the “ball”, you will hear the wand move through the air and make a “Swish” sound.

The hand/arm speed and timing of your hand speed is very important. You want to make sure where you hear the “swish” out in front – either even with your head or a little out in front of your head.


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