The set position is absolutely key to the success of any pitcher, from little league all the way up to the majors. It’s the catalyst for

everything else the pitcher does, whether that’s flinging a fastball at home or trying to pick off a runner at third. There are several common mistakes that you’ll see players make that can hinder their progress towards becoming the best pitcher they can be – here they are, and how to fix them!

Set Position Mistake #1 – Too Closed

When your pitcher stands with their position too closed, like in the diagram below, they’re leaving themselves vulnerable to the actions of any runner at first.

Baseball Pitching Drills
Set Position – Mistake 1

Set Position Mistake #2 – Locked Back Leg

When a pitcher locks the back leg, even if they’re in the perfect position, and they can see every player in the infield, the batter as well as all the runners will get the jump on him, because as soon as he begins his pitching motion, he has to unlock his back leg to get up off of the bound.

Have your pitcher bounce a little bit when they’re up at the mound to make sure they’re loose and with a slight bend to the knee, and they’ll be good to go.

Baseball Defensive Drills
Set Position – Mistake 2

Set Position Mistake # 3 – Too Open

If your pitcher gets too open, they’ll be able to see first and third – no problem. But they’ll have to lift their back leg up earlier than otherwise, sacrificing the element of surprise and making it very easy to read the beginning, middle and end of every pitch for everyone in the stadium.

Baseball Drills
Set Position – Mistake 3



These mistakes are fairly easy to fix, and will do a great deal when it comes to protecting bases. If you want to learn more about the set position, make sure to check out this post on how to work the pick off.

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