A power stick is a bat that is skinnier than normal and forces players to swing more accurately.   In today’s video, we are demonstrating an excellent hitting drill that teaches hitters to use a power stick to find the sweet part of the bat. This hitting drill incorporates all of the fundamentals we have learned in previous tee station and soft toss drills – the players focuses on using his trigger position, keeping his weight back, and turning and pivoting towards the pitcher.

The Power Stick Hitting Drill

The object of this hitting drill is to try and hit the exact center of the ball with the power stick. And as you can see in the video, the power stick is a lot skinnier than our baseball bat. So the purpose of this drill, is that when the players uses the regular bat, the ball will seem bigger to them, which will make hitting with a standard bat much easier.

This drill is used from youth baseball to major leagues. Performing drills in succession will help build skills and fundamentals. I would recommend starting with a tee station, and then moving on to a soft toss, followed up with the power stick hitting drill.


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