I like to use this as a fun drill to keep kids moving at an outfielder station in practice. As outfielders it keeps them running and builds endurance as there is not alot of down time before it is their turn again.

Outfield Practice Drill
Coach and player(s) on the foul line in outfield grass.
1 coach throwing the balls.
1 player runs out 10 feet looking over the shoulder and the coach tosses the ball.
Kid catches it (hopefully) and runs back.
Next kid goes and so on so forth.
As they go a second time instead of 10 feet go 20 feet.

Same thing with the kids running and looking for the ball.

Go again to 30,40,50,60   feet.
The player who catches the most balls wins this fun exercise.

This drill also gets them to keep an eye on the coach (hitter) and follow the ball into their gloves.