To practice using a crow hop to generate momentum for long distance throws.

Drill Setup

  • Divide your players into groups of fours.
  • Have each foursome make a square shape with about 75 feet between each player.
  • All player should have gloves, one player should have a ball.

Crow Hop Corners Baseball Outfield Drill

How it Works

  1. The player with the ball begins the drill by throwing the ball to the second player using a crow-hop.
  2. The drill proceeds with each player throwing to the next with a crow-hop.
  3. After the ball has made it around the square three times, reverse the direction of the throws.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Move the players farther apart from one another.   Allow players to throw to any partner across the square in any direction.   Players must pick the ball up off the ground first, then crow hop and throw.
  • Make it easier: Teach the crow hop footwork first. The back foot should go up and over the front foot as the hips and shoulders turn to throw (i.e.. “Right foot – left foot – throw” for a right-handed player).