To practice using a drop step to field pop flies and line drives

Drill Setup

  • Create a line of fielders (all with gloves) standing 20 feet away from the coach.
  • Coach should have a bucket of balls.
The fielder makes a drop step, then runs to catch the fly ball.

How it Works

  1. The first fielder in line stands in a ready position facing the coach.
  2. Coach throws a ball at an angle behind the fielder (to either side, mix it up).
  3. The fielder uses a drop step to move to catch the ball.
  4. Fielder should then make a smooth motion throw back to the coach and run to the end of the line.
  5. Drill resumes with next player in line.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Instead of throwing balls to your fielders, hit them instead. This will make the drill more game-like.     For players who have mastered the drop step and catch- encourage them to catch the ball with their non-dominant foot forward so they can immediately go into a crow-hop throw.
  • Make it easier: Walk through the footwork first, helping players understand how to make a drop step by pivoting on one foot and swinging the other foot out wide. Then introduce the ball with short pop-ups from 6-8 feet away.