A very common problem across hitters is the tendency to over-stride. In today’s video blog post, I am sharing an excellent hitting drill that, in addition to working on the player’s hitting accuracy, also lets you combine a proper stride conditioning exercise as well!

In the Rapid Fire Hitting Drill, we are working through all of the elements of hitting – from the tee station and soft toss to the trigger position, keeping the weight back on the legs and the head is down.

Combat Over Striding with the Rapid Fire Hitting Drill

Place the player inside two tires, and give them quick soft tosses. The purpose of putting the player into the tires is to prevent them from over-striding.

The player has to make a quick turn with his hips and his bat should come through the strike zone. You want to think about turning the hips and “Squashing the bug”. We are trying to eliminate any unnecessary leg kicks or too much over-striding.


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